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02. Discovery

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Along with Product Manager, led the product strategy for the re-launch of Blue Egg’s anchor site, Green Building Blocks. As part of this relaunch, was directly responsible for: identifying innovation opportunities through competitive analysis, primary user research, and market research facilitating, synthesizing, and analyzing results of primary user research defining the key users (personas) articulating […]

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My team at Razorfish was engaged to help TIAA-CREF develop and implement an online strategy that would preserve and grow their existing customer base. At the time of this engagement, TIAA-CREF had an 80+ year history of serving those employed by not-for-profit organizations. For most of that history, they had essentially no competition for their […]

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BellSouth knew that high numbers of people were abandoning their website in the midst of ordering or modifying their telephone service. They faced a tedious, confusing, and restrictive process at The goal of this project, undertaken by my team at Razorfish, was to evaluate the problems and then completely overhaul the ordering experience to […]

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Curacao Tourist Board

The Caribbean island of Curacao is not a well-known North American tourist destination. It’s far away, hard to pronounce, and relatively obscure by comparison with better known islands. Curacao’s tourist board, the CTB, hired my team at Razorfish to develop a web site strategy that would help sell Curacao’s unique characteristics as an authentic, European-flavored […]

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