Secora (8/2012 – present)

VP, Customer Experience

Secora provides professional caregivers solutions to help their elderly clients live at home safely, as long as possible.

As a part of the founding team, I ensure that the solutions we create fit a market need. I am the leading champion for a hypothesis-driven approach to the design of our solutions, asking: “What are our fundamental assumptions? What’s the smallest thing we can create to verify those assumptions?” Accomplishments:

  • Defined the mission & vision for the user experience discipline.
  • Established listening channels for feedback from current and prospective customers.
  • Defined a framework for success metrics for the customer experience.
  • Hired and managed design and front-end dev teams.
  • Created & tested first MVP prototype (lo-fidelity)
  • Managed design & development of second MVP candidate (functioning app)


Concept Evolution


Design is a process…see just a few of the many iterations needed to refine the interaction model & the design. It’s an ongoing story; we’re not done yet.
Download the Full Series (ppt)


MVP Prototype

Taking a page from the LEAN playbook, this was used with prospective customers to evaluate value of the business concept and to refine product design.
View Axure Prototype (html)


Interactive Wireframes

These were used in conjunction with flat design comps as a means of specifying interaction requirements to front-end team.
View Axure Wireframes (html)