What I offer
Over 13 years experience managing the UX design for large-scale internet-based applications, most recently at Sapient Global Markets. Proven reputation as an effective communicator, manager, leading team player, systemic and strategic thinker. Effective project execution in consulting, start-up, and enterprise environments.

Recently launched projects include: a multi-platform system for monitoring the well-being of senior citizens in their homes; a web-based scheduling application; and data management solutions for the largest provider of 3D mechanical CAD software.

Philosophical alignment with LEAN UX principles.  As a result, I am driven to achieve the simultaneous goals of high user adoption and less wasted development effort.

Areas of expertise, by product development phase

Design Management

I hire and manage a variety of design-related roles, including visual designers, writers, UI designers, information architects, front-end developers, business analysts, and market researchers. I operate as team lead, establishing clear expectations, delegating responsibility, providing support and removing obstacles so that the team has clear pathways to effective work. I also plan project delivery.


I employ a variety of methods to analyze and frame a problem, and then convey the design opportunity to stakeholders. Methods include the usual user research toolkit of ethnographic studies, contextual interviews, card sorts, usability studies, etc.


Taking findings from Discovery activities, I work with team members to explore solution alternatives, ideally using a hypothesis-driven approach to test out possible solutions with users. I determine what feature sets need prototyping and why, and  then create Axure-based prototypes of varying fidelity, depending upon what’s getting evaluated. The goal of this phase is to ensure that the feature set is viable for the business, desirable for users, and technically feasible.

Detailed Design

Working with others on design team, deliver functional, visual, editorial, and interaction specifications to development team.


Collaborate with development teams as designs are implemented.


Work in conjunction with QA teams to create user-centered test plans, and to report, triage, and resolve UX-related defects in order to meet release deadlines.